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Hot Spring

Investigation on the conditions of resource development, resource exploration implementation plan, drilling, hot spring resources evaluation, consulting about application of exploration license ,consulting about application of mining license, consulting about resource exploration technology.

Strategic Planning

Overall planning, positioning, design planning, operation  planning, special planning and planning consultation.

Master Plan

Conceptual planning, constructional detailed planning, planning of the hot spring industry development, plane layout planning, planning consultation.


Architecture design, landscape design, interior design, special design for hot spring water process technology, hot spring pipe network design, intelligent special design, design management, design consultation.

Management & Operation

Entrusted management, technical service, trademark license,franchise, consultation, special training, health management.


Project initiation proposal, investment analysis report, feasibility report, business plan, investment promotion proposal, investment and financing consultation, agency investment promotion, project investment, project development.

Water Certification

The exclusive agent of Aquacert International Service (AIS) in China, the most authentic water quality certification organization in Europe, including first test, water validation,  hot spring center (water) certification, hot spring technology and management training.


Hydrotherapy/water entertainment/wellness/swimming pool/sales, construction, operation training and technical service about water treatement equipment.


Energy industry planning, energy assessment report, design for energy-saving renovation, special design for  energy coupling.

Health and Wellness
After 2015, the state attached great importance to people's health issues and successively introduced supportive and guiding policies on pension and health services. In 2016, Kangyang Industry was listed in the “13th Five-Year Plan” and compiled detailed development strategies and guiding policies. In the sub-sector industry, forest health care was included in the “13th Five-Year Development Plan for National Forestry”; Kangyang Tourism also ushered in the first normative document – “National Recreational Tourism Demonstration Base Standard”, which gradually developed. climate. At this point, from the central to the local, from the field of health and well-being to health, pension, forest health and recreation, there is a sound policy system support.

After 14 years, the Hakone Group has accumulated a lot of achievements, including the Liaoning Tanggangzi International Hot Spring Medical Town, Guangdong Conghua Bishuiwan, Conghua Duxi Taili Hot Spring Hotel, Jiangxi Yuezhiquan·Mingyueshan International Selenium Hot Spring Health Center, Fujian Central Europe. Dominant towns such as Kangyang Township, Henan Jiulongshan Hot Spring Kangyang Valley, Guizhou Baili Dufu Hot Spring Kangyang Tourism Resort, etc., which have the main functions and special services of health and wellness, preventive health care and rehabilitation, are leading After the preparation of the "National Hot Spring Recreational Tourism Project Type Classification and Rating" standard, we will focus on promoting the tourism industry, providing Kangyang Town, Kangyang Destination, Kangyang Tourist Area, Kangyang Center, Kangyang Hotel, Kangyang Real Estate. Kangyang Agriculture and other recreational tourism investment in the development of the entire industry chain services and comprehensive solutions.
Cultural Tourism
Hakone Group provides planning, design, marketing, training and operation service for culture & tourism projects.

The service reaches sight-seeing tourism areas, theme parks, leisure vacation areas, theme towns, culture&tourism complex, beautiful countryside, culture & creative industrial parks, urban parks, tourism estate, culture & business streets, boutique hotels and guesthouse, overseas study tour and related derivatives.

Representative works include Fairy Mountain Complex, Chongqing Foreigners' Street, parent-child education brand 'Baby Panda', Lantian Lake National Park, Shenzhen Evergreen Resort, etc.

All the culture & tourism works have won clients's trust and market reputation.

overall planning, positioning planning, special planning, culture & tourism products planning, business planning

Urban planning

Conceptual planning, site planning, regional culture & tourism development planning, layout planning, culture & tourism products planning.


Architectural design, landscape design, interior design, culture & tourism products R&D design.

Operation and management

Entrusted management, technical service, trademark license, franchising, consulting, resource match-making, special training

Water Park
Chengdu Happy Together Tourism & Cultural Development Co.,Ltd. (referred to as Happy Together for short) is a member of Hakone Group. General manager of Happy Together is a Member of Board of Directors of World Waterpark Association, Vice Chair of China Waterpark Association (CWA) and member of National Standardization Administration. Meanwhile, Happy Together has participated in the standard-making 'GB/T 18168-2017' of the water entertainment industry.

Due to its operational experiences over the past 15 years, Happy Together has integrated resources about water entertainment investment and operation at home and abroad, and created its unique operation mode. It provides one-stop service focusing on the operation, and guarantees the rational investment and successful operation.
Planning and design

Early participation in planning, design,
construction and opening prepartion

Operation management

customization, set-up of management structure, brand building, marketing.

Training improvement

Innovative operation of water parks,
international standards certification and training system.


Mmarketing activities planning, new media operation, themed performance.

Holographic technology

Interactive children technology park,
holographic restaurant, holographic exhibition hall, outdoor construction
projection show, holographic theatre, AR games, immersive space, immersive fit

Water entertainment products

Professional,fashionable and advanced water
entertainment products.

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