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The patent for high mineral salt spring water treatment system
The patent for Hot spring water intelligent thermostatic system
The intelligent control system of hot spring pool
The Patent for Energy-saving thermostatic pressure circulation water supply system
The patent for the semi-open pipe network conveying system of geothermal water
Geothermal water (hot spring) comprehensive utilization system engineering design service - high - tech
Drafting China's first thermalism and SPA standard thermal service and management technique standard (SB/T 10470-2008)

Drafting SPA Management Technique Standard (SB/T 10509-2008)

Co-drafting National Tourism Administration's Classification & accreditation for service-rated hot spring enterprise (LB/T 016 2011)

Main drafter of National Tourism Administration’s The Renowned National Hot Spring Tourist Town (LB/T 042-2015)

Main drafter of Hot Spring Service —— Basic Terminology of  Standardization Administration of China

Main drafter of National Hot Spring Wellness Tourism Standards (ongoing)

Balneotherapy 2
Author:Author: Otsuka Yoshinori . Translator: Zhou Fangfei Publication date:2018
Publishing house:Huaxia Publishing House ISBN:9787508093734
Introduction: Balneotherapy is written by Japanese thermal medical expert Otsuka Yoshinori and compiled by Hakone Group. The author presents the latest findings and momentum about the hot spring and also introduces Japanese balneotherapy and hot spring culture.
Hot Spring Under Cloud
Author:Wang Jie, Wang Yanping, Zhang Zunxian Publication date:2017
Publishing house:Huaxia Publishing House ISBN:2147483647
Abstract:Baoshan has the most abundant resources, and people there are obsessed about hot spring. So that when people are at the hot springs in forests, canyons and fields, they always feel as if they are traveling in the cloud. That is where the 《Hot spring under cloud 》coming from.
Author:Otsuka Yoshinori; Translated by Hakone Group Publication date:2012
Publishing house:Huaxia Publishing House ISBN:9787508071305
Abstract:Hot spring is not only for entertainment and relaxing, it is also effective for healing chronic disease and improve general health, when you use the hot spring correctly. In this book, Japan’s famous Balneotherapy experts will guide you on selecting a suitable spa and its type, which is based on your physical condition. After your reading, you can not only grasp various methods to use hot spring, but also take bath in the most scientific way, so that you can gain a better mood and a healthier body.
Tourism Geography and Hot Spring Vacation
Author:Wang Yanping, Wang Jie Publication date:2011
Publishing house:Wuhan University Press ISBN:9787307085442
Abstract:This book combines tourism geography and hot spring resort together. First, to form the concept of space-time, to improve the overall grasp force on tourism phenomenon and to train the associated thinking consciousness. The authors sort out and emphasize the key knowledge of tourism geography; On the other hand, they also try to understand hot spring vacation from the view of tourism geography, which can be applied in a more practical and specific way.
An Introduction to Hot Springs Project Planning and Development
Author:Wang Yanping, Wang Jie Publication date:2009
Publishing house:Dongbei University of Finance & Economics Press ISBN:9787811226478
Abstract:This book is dedicated to the people who make living on hot springs and love hot springs. After many years’ studying on hot spring resort and hot spring relaxation, the two authors of this book– one is a university professor and one is hot spring manager, concluded their thoughts in this book, and hope this book can give readers inspirations and references, in order to achieve the goal of active thinking to revive the spa business.
China Hot Spring Tourism
Author:Wang Yanping Publication date:2004
Publishing house:Dalian Publishing House ISBN:7806841849
Abstract:While studying in Japan, the author started the idea of taking the hot spring as the research object, and writing about hot spring but not limited to it. The most creativity idea of this book is that, the author pictured the Chinese hot spring tourism based on four-year’s field research and combined Japanese, Korean and Chinese literature. He emphasizes the spatial and temporal variations of hot spring tourism, and demonstrates discussion about hot spring locations.
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