Dusit Devarana Hot Spring Hotel Conghua in Guangdong Province

Project address:Conghua, Guangdong

Project owner:Guangzhou Pearl River Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Metro Corporation

Project size:341 mu

Service time:2010~2012

Opening time:2014

General comment
A Spa health resort integrating Thai hospitality;
Thai architecture as well as Thai landscape;
The first world-class brand Spa resort in Guangzhou.
Hakone service
1. Overall design and conceptual planning;
2. Hot springs health garden management and planning;
3. Hot spring process systematic planning of hot spring health garden;
4. Hot springs health garden design and consultation.
Planning ideas
This project is the second cooperation between Hakone and Zhujiang Industrial Group. After detailed market research, multiple rounds of professional arguments and communication reports, the Hakone team finally formed a position of “exquisite, intimate and health hot spring resort hotel”, and rationally planned 133 villa-style spa rooms and an instant reception 400 in combination with the site conditions. People's hot spring health park, and put forward specific design tasks and requirements for hot spring functional products, hot spring process systems, architectural styles, etc. from the business point of view.
Design ideas
In the later stage of design, Hakone Hot Springs, as a technical advisor, fully cooperated with the Pearl River Design Institute to control the design quality and design effects of KTGY, BCI, and P49, to ensure that the planning ideas were implemented and that the design functions and streamlines met the later operational requirements.

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