The founder and original institution of “Quanxiu*”. The aim is to help the development of hot springs wellness cause, to make life engineering as the core competitiveness, and to bring “Quanxiu” to the world.

Our “Quanxiu” system provides hot-spring-wellness vacation products which based on the trinity of “Convalesce, Self-cultivation and Tourism”, hot-spring-wellness strategy and service system’s R&D service, hot spring wellness boutique hotel’s consultant and Management Contracts service, etc. Like the “SPA” to Europe, the “Touji” to Japan, “Quanxiu” will be the “name card” of Chinese hot spring wellness industry.

*Quanxiu -- Means “practice both body and mental wellness through Balneotherapy and Taoism” in Chinese.Also “Quanxiu” is a registered trademark and a regimen system with proprietary intellectual property rights owned by Hakone Group.

About Quanxiu

Quanxiu system is based on the idea of using the hot spring's medical benefit and the energy space to treat diseases and  improve general health both physically and mentally. Quanxiu does not just stand for a regimen system only, but a Vipassana lifestyle.

Practice Methods

Besides physical health, Quanxiu also values people’s mental health. To reach this purpose, Quanxiu practice combines  Chinese traditional medicine, forest SPA (which can take advantage of alpine climate) and modern technology.

What Quanxiu Can Do

Circulation System Improvement, Sub-health Treatment; Diseases Prevention, Enhance QQL.

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