Established in 2004, Hakone Group provides investment,development and operation service in terms of hot spring, wellness, culture & tourism and water park sectors. It features "Whole Industry Chain Service" and “Total Solutions Service”. The work scope covers resource exploration, strategic planning, planning and design, operation and management, engineering, investment and development, water certification, special facilities, as well as development technical consulting. The service menu includes specialized service contract, comprehensive service and 'one-stop'package service.

In the future, Hakone will follow the global development strategy and the spirit of innovation, focus on the mode of “Produced by Hakone, Managed by Yitang”, and continue to lead the Chinese hot spring , wellness, and culture & tourism and water park industry.

  • Signed MOU of Thermal Technology Transfer and Thermal Cultural Cooperation with Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH); 

    The exclusive agent (China) of Aquacert International (France); 

    The exclusive agent (China) of Pentair, USA (Top 500); 

    Hakone won “Excellent Service Provider” award of the 3rd China Golden Hot-spring Award; 

    Chairman Wang Jie won “Lifetime Achievement Award”, and President Wang Yongyi won “10 Most Contribution Award“; 

    President Wang Yongyi won “2017 Certificate of Merit” issued by FEMTEC.

  • Won the Fifth China Tourism Investment ITIA Award 2015, and the China Best Tourism Investment Service Organization Award; 

    The exclusive agent (China) of Myrtha Pools Group of Italy;

    Certificate of merit by FEMTEC was given to Hakone and the Chairman Wang Jie respectively.

  • Won the “Best Supplier” award of the Second China Golden Hot-spring Award;

    President Wang Yongyi won the annual “Hot Spring Industry-the Most Contribution Award”; 

    Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Japan Health Development Consortium, introducing the Japanese Spa therapy service system to Chongqing Ronghui Spring.

  • Presided over the drafting of  the Renowned National Hot Spring Tourist Town Standards and participated in the drafting of National Standard of Hot Spring Service-Basic Terminology;

    Chairman Wang Jie and President Wang Yongyi  were appointed as the first five-star spring assessors for National Tourism Administration.

  • Won  “Best Supplier” award of the first China Golden Hot-spring Award; 

    The first independent R&D technology-“Semi-open Network Transport System of Geothermal Water” won the national utility model patents; 

    Chairman Wang Jie was appointed as executive deputy director of the Expert Committee of China Hot Spring Tourism Association.

  • Helped Chongqing to obtain the title of “Global Capital of Hot Springs” issued by FEMTEC; 

    Chairman Wang Jie and President Wang Yongyi won the  “Certificate of  merit  of FEMTEC; 

    Published Balneotherapy written by Professor Otsuka Yoshinori of Japan and translated by Hakone .

  • Helped Chongqing to obtain the title of “China Capital of Hot Springs”; Chairman Wang Jie was appointed as member of the Expert Committee of China Hot Spring Tourism Association.

  • •Published the first book Thermal Spring Business Planning and Master Planning.

  • Presided over the drafting of China's first national industry standard Operation Technique Specifications for Hot Spring Services and Management and Technical Specifications of Spa.

  • Conceptual planning of Chongqing Ronghui Spring Town, initiating the concept of the“hot spring town”in China .
  • Established Chongqing Hakone Spa Investment Consultancy Co., Ltd. and planned the  development strategy of Chongqing hot spring tourism.

  • Drafted the report  of“Building Chongqing as a World Class Thermal Spring Spa City”, and the report became the thermal spring tourism development strategy of Chongqing government.

  • Concept planning of “The Overall Development of Chongqing South Spring Town”, initiating the concept of “Hot Spring Town”.


Chongqing Hakone Hot Spring & Thermalism Industry Development Group

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